Apex Rotary Christmas Parade

The Apex Rotary Christmas Parade is cancelled this year, December 2020, due to Covid restrictions.  Here is the statement from our president: 

“It saddens me to announce that due to COVID-19 health risks and uncertainty about the trajectory of the disease in our community, the Rotary Club of Apex has concluded that we must cancel plans for our traditional Christmas Parade and Pancake Breakfast this year. Although our members and Town officials worked hard to come up with a safe and efficient way to conduct these events or alternative versions of them, in the end, we concluded that the risks to the public and participants were too great.  I know that everyone in the community is disappointed, as are we in Rotary, but our priority has been, and must continue to be safety. We will continue to look for other ways that we can safely celebrate and help those in need in our community during the coming holiday season.  We thank you for your understanding and support.”


Don McAlister

President, Rotary Club of Apex