The Apex Rotary Club typically meets on scheduled Thursdays for lunch at 12:30PM at Carrabba’s Italian Grill at 1201 Haddon Hall Drive in Apex.

One of the many benefits of Rotary Club membership is the luxury of being
able to travel the world and never miss a weekly meeting. Club members are welcome and encouraged to VISIT CLUBS while traveling to make-up the meeting missed back home.

But Rotarians often ask what options exist if there is not a club in the area of travel, or if the member is home but an emergency causes him or her to miss a meeting.

One option is to attend a regular meeting of a local Rotaract or Interact Club, Rotary Community Corps, or Rotary Fellowship. According to Article VIII, Section 1a of the Standard Rotary Club Constitution, attending one of these meetings counts as a make-up.

Another option is to spend 30 minutes participating in an interactive activity on a Rotary e-club Web Site. Rotary International has approved the request of 27 clubs to form with virtual or electronic locations. A visit to one of these e-clubs may satisfy a club member’s make-up requirement. Please check with your club secretary and the e-club of interest to see if this online visit counts.

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